Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am not a fan of....

Over at Word Nerd Speaks, Beth made a list of things she's not a fan of.  I really liked her list so I'm totally stealing the idea and making a list of my own.

So...without further ado....


1.  Country Music:  it's just not for me. 

2.  One word texts:  if I spend enough time to send you a the same in return

3.  Getting texts that just say OK...or even worse KK. I don't even have words to describe how much that last part irritates me.

4.  Men without facial hair:  it's rare for a bald-faced man to catch my eye or turn my head

5.  Watermelon....just ew

6.  Marshmallows:  hate 'em but I do enjoy a fluffernutter every now and then

7.  Cucumbers:  don't want them in my salad, on my sub, or anywhere on my plate....unless it's in sushi, then it's perfectly fine.

8.  Doing more than one 'big' errand/chore in one day:  I'll go grocery shopping.  I'll do the laundry.  But I won't do them both on the same day.

9.  Vacuuming:  hands down my least favorite chore.  I'd rather scrub down a bathroom than vacuum my carpet.

10.  Germaphobes:  Our bodies are made to handle a certain amount of germs.  Handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs.  Be tidy.  Wash your hands frequently.  Sneeze/Cough into your elbow.  There's no need to be militant or crazy about it. 

11.  The Circus

12.  Billy Fuccillo:  If there was ever a man I just wanted to randomly punch just for annoying me it's this guy.  If you're not familiar with him, feel free to CLICK HERE

13.  Manhattan clam chowder:  It's not that it tastes's just not clam chowder :)

14.  Flat brimmed baseball caps:  Please boys, bend the just look silly

15.  The great outdoors or nature in any capacity (other than appreciating it from afar)

16.  Summer weather above 75 degrees Farenheit

17.  Snow (and winter in general)

18.  Opaque plastic drinking cups:  I almost exclusively drink from glass but if the plastic is transparent...I can deal.

19.  Smoking:  hate it, hate it , hate it

20.  Squash (although I love zucchini and eggplant)

21.  Corned Beef:  my (step)mom is very Irish.  Her maiden name was O'Toole.  We ate a lot of corned beef and I have never enjoyed it

22.  Moths:  creepy, gross, nasty....just plain ick.

23.  Basements:  depending on the basement, I range from being mildly uncomfortable to flat out terrified.

24.  Pants belted below the backside:  I don't mind a little sagging or baggy pants.  Where I grew up that was considered preferable and fashionable.  But when your pants are belted around your thighs and your entire ass is exposed...yeah that's not ok at all.

25.  The song 'Come on Eileen'

26.  The Burger King, king

27.  Daniel Day Lewis' mustache in 'Gangs of New York':  just creeps me out

28.  Wearing shoes

29.  Slacks, or any pants that aren't jeans

30.  Bessie Higgenbottom

I'm sure there's plenty more.  But that's my list :)


  1. I'm afraid to start a list....because it might not end for a while. ;-)

  2. I had to leave and put my youngest on the school bus...if I didn't have to go anywhere, my list could have been twice as long!

    I would have definitely added bubblegum, tootsie rolls, and amusement parks to the list :)


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