Friday, June 10, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things


I figured since I wrote a list of things that I'm NOT a fan of, it would only be right if I made a list of things that I really love as well :)


1.  Tacos:  yum!  (Actually anything that can even be loosely described as a taco/burrito works!)

2.  Sushi:  double yum!

3.  Justin Timberlake:  an infinite amount of yum!

4.  My Kindle

5.  Reading in general

6.  Thunderstorms

7.  Lollipops:  Specifically blow pops and tootsie pops....even though I HATE bubblegum and tootsie rolls.  Once I get to the center, I throw them out.

8.  Driving around town on a beautiful day blasting the radio

9.  Toast:  Especially made from 'fancy' bread...with real butter on it's entire surface

10.  Happy, laughing babies

11.  Air conditioning

12.  Coffee....especially iced coffee (light with no sugar please!)

13.  Hip hop music

14.  Converse All Stars (Chuck Taylors)

15.  Insanely bright or bold makeup

16.  Glass ball paperweights

17.  Orca whales

18.  Weezer

19.  Waking up before the kids and enjoying the serenity

20.  Portland, Oregon

21.  Eyeshadow....lots and lots of eyeshadow

22.  Stupid/Funny movies

23.  Lilacs

24.  The smell of bleach

25.  Iced tea (with lots of lemon and NO SUGAR)

26.  Halloween

27.  Autumn

28.  Back to School season (wow...kinda sensing a theme here with the last three)

29.  Old worn jeans with the bottom edges all frayed

30.  Singly loudly and badly to my favorite songs

31.  Spongebob

32.  Geocaching

33.  Planetariums

34.  Sit down family dinners

35.  Snuggling with my kids (whichever ones will still let me do it!)

What are some of your favorite things?

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