Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals For the New Year

New Year's resolutions.

Every year I make them.  And every year I break them.  I'm not quite sure as to why I even make them anymore.  Maybe it's tradition.  Maybe it's just the idea of starting fresh in the new year....a brand new me that I can mold and shape into something more desirable. 

Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Whatever the reason, I have set some goals for myself in 2012. 

1.  Be More Organized:  This is primarily directed towards the healthcare of my family.  We were without health insurance for quite some time, and I've fallen out of the habit of making appointments and staying on top of which child needs to be seen on which day and for what reason.  I envy those kinds of know the ones I'm talking about....the ones with the color coded day planners or the ones with every detail of the day strategically entered into their smartphones. I am not that mom.  I am not going to try and be that mom.  But I am going to attempt a better system of coordinating health care for my family.  I even bought a planner...if only I could remember where I put it.

2.  Take Better Care of Myself:  I could say that I'm going to lose weight.  And I'll probably try.  I usually do.  I'll be really good for a little while until I break down and eat one of my "trigger foods" (tacos or toast...perhaps?) and then all hell breaks loose.  I'm not going to depress myself with a goal that I've been trying and failing to attain for the majority of my life.  Instead, I'm going to focus more specifically on something I actually believe I can change. 

I'm awful at taking medications. 

There are two medications that I'm supposed to take daily.  They aren't for horrifying health conditions but they are for conditions that, if not treated, can lead to bigger problems down the road.  I'm honestly a child when it comes to taking pills...if someone doesn't hound me relentlessly--I won't take them.  If anyone can think of a way to help me with this goal....I am VERY open to suggestions. 

This goal will also involve using my CPAP machine every night and drinking more water than coffee and soda. 

Overall, I think these small changes are attainable and--combined--could achieve big results.

3.  Be More Organized:  Are you sensing a theme here?  This goal of better organization is aimed at my makeup collection.  I have a very nice setup for my stash--at least I think that I do.  But more often than not, that setup looks as though it has thrown up on itself.  I usually have to call my daughter in to look at my vanity area--"with a fresh pair of eyes"--to find whatever item I'm currently searching for.  I cleaned and organized the area this morning....only time will tell if I can keep it that way.

4.  Read More/Write More:  I've read two books in the last two that's a great start on this goal.  I read tons of blogs and articles online every day but I'm thinking more along the lines of getting away from the screen and having some quiet moments with a good book.  I've been slacking on both of my blogs...mostly due to school (which is almost over--woohoo!).  I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head.  If only I could stop being a slacker long enough to get them written down. :-)

Most of these resolutions will probably be broken before I even start. 

But that's what's so great about resolutions--I can try again next year!

Have you made any resolutions for the new year?


  1. I know you didn't cover it here, but I think you need to be more organized.  ;O)

  2. Really?  You think so?  Whatever brought you to THAT conclusion? :-P


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