Sunday, April 22, 2012

She Thinks She's a Poet (GBE2 #49 Topic: Take Two: A Fresh Look)

The GBE2 topic for this week is pretty simple.  Take an old post that you were especially fond of and re-post it.  I wrote this poem for GBE2 #11.  The topic was Instinct.  I really liked it and I wanted to re-post it for anyone who may not have read it the first time around.  Enjoy!

Call of the Wild

Sullen girl
heading my way
carefully tread 
the lonely highway
up the stairs--pure confidence
all vanilla cake and troubled lighting
Impulsive girl
sky's the limit
silly girl
it's only minutes
skin and teeth
lips and limbs
joy plus sorrow 
mixed with sin
why keep jumping at the chance
when you aren't worth a public glance?
It doesn't stop her coming back
for a nibble
a taste
for carnage and grace
a reassurance of vanity
a waste of valuable sanity
and yet
it's set
in stone
every time she heeds the call   


  1. Ooh, SO good!

    "joy plus sorrow     mixed with sin"

  2. I had not read this one, I don't think.  Nicely done!

  3. SandrasfiberworksApril 23, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    I like poems about courage.

  4. Thank you, Jo, for checking it out this time around! I'm glad that you liked it :-)


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