Thursday, May 3, 2012

Releasing My Inner Golden Girl (GBE2 #50 Topic: The Stranger)

There's a story from my younger days that my kids absolutely LOVE.

Since it involves a stranger, it fits for this week's prompt.  So sit back and relax because I'm about to get my Sophia Petrillo on....

Picture it.  Albany.  1992.

I was walking home with my very best friend.  I can't remember if we were walking home from school or from something else entirely...I suppose it doesn't matter...but we were about two or three blocks away from our houses. 

Up the street, we spied an older man.  He appeared ancient to me at the time but in reality he was probably in his late fifties or early sixties.  He was short (shorter than I was anyway) and stout.  His gray hair was short and he had the classic 'horseshoe' bald spot.  His big round face was covered with several days worth of five o'clock shadow.

My kids would have called him a hobo. 

I have no idea if he was actually homeless but he was quite disheveled and we thought it would be best if we gave this guy plenty of room on the street. 

Did I mention that he was wearing a trenchcoat? 

As we approached the spot where our paths would cross, he spoke to us.

Holding his trenchcoat closed he growled to us "Hey there girlies....get a load of this!"
And he whipped open the trenchcoat with all the oomph and enthusiasm of your garden variety flasher.

And he flashed us.

Fully clothed.


  1. ah hahahahahaha  Great story! And he indeed was strange! ♥

  2. Yes, indeed, he was :-)

  3. hehehheheh... not much stranger than that!

  4. LOL!!!!!  Your kids are right--that's a GREAT story!

  5. Angela Parson MyersMay 3, 2012 at 8:16 PM

    HA! Wasn't expecting that. Great story.

  6. Oh, yeah, I have a couple of those, I was thinking of sharing.  It is a surprise  for sure.  

  7. My kids love that the guy was fully clothed underneath the a teen, I was most definitely relieved lol

  8. I wasn't expecting it either!

  9. He made some sound effects too.  When I tell the story like that, the kids go nuts!

  10. was very strange!

  11. He was quite the character :-)


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