Friday, May 4, 2012

What I'm Looking Forward To..(30 Days of Truth Challenge--Day 1)

I have no idea if I can commit to thirty days of anything.  I am the ultimate procrastinator and I'm famous for putting plans into motion and then crapping out on them shortly after.

But I'm going to try

The first day of this challenge is to write about something that I'm looking forward to this year.  At first that was an overwhelming concept.  This past year has been so full of changes that I was at first thinking that I was just hoping to have a low-key year without much going on.

But after some thought, I realized that the thing I am most looking forward to is the next school year. 

Yes, I realize that this school year is just beginning to wind down and in some parts of the country it is just about over.  (Here we still have until the end of June)  But next school year is a huge change for our family.

Bear will be going to school in our school district.

He has been shipped out to two different BOCES classrooms since kindergarten.  Both programs were an hour bus ride away--one way.  Jeff has been getting up with him in the five o'clock hour to get him ready for the 6am bus for years.  The classes have been great.  We've loved his teachers, and the changes and strides that he's made in the last five years have been amazing.

But we're tired!  And ready for a change.

Our school district finally created a special-ed program for behaviorally challenged students.  We were uncertain, at first, but we did our homework and discussed the pros and cons in depth.  Bear even asked to be involved in the process which in itself was a huge step.  We, of course, encouraged his self-advocacy and brought him into every meeting and discussion. 

He decided this was something he wanted to try.

So for the first time, since kindergarten, Bear will be getting on the bus with his big sister (his best friend) and going to at home. 

It's scary and exciting at the same time.

But I'm definitely looking forward to it.


  1. All will be well I am sure!

  2. That is fantastic! I hope the program is as successful as those farther away were and that he gets all that he needs from it.


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