Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I can get away with it...because I have kids (GBE2 #52 Topic: Guilty Pleasures)

I've been thinking about this guilty pleasure thing for a few days now. 

Of course, I have many...who doesn't?  But I couldn't decide which one I wanted to go with. 

Tacos?  Toast?  They are two of my favorite things but I don't really feel any honest guilt about either one of them.  Makeup?  Nah, that's a passionate hobby.  Britney Spears music?  There's no way I'm admitting that one!  Coffee...nacho cheese Doritos...the fact that I still have a "special blankey"....

Nothing seemed guilty enough.

As I was sitting here (wrapped in my special blankey), watching the Nickelodeon series Victorious with my kids, it dawned on me what one of my major guilty pleasures really is.

Children's television.

I LOVE many of the shows that my children watch.  Most of them, actually.

The shows that I enjoy the most are the ones that are created by Dan Schneider:  Drake and Josh, iCarly, Victorious, and The Amanda Show are/were some of my favorites.  Especially Drake and Josh.  The kids and I have watched the entire series several times over and we have lots of inside jokes that revolve around various episodes.

While that might be my favorite, it doesn't stop me from having favorites on different channels--both in live action AND animated formats.

Children's Shows That I Love

Phineas and Ferb
The Powerpuff Girls
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
So Random
Fairly Oddparents
Jimmy Neutron

There are definitely more but that's a good list to start with.  I also have a soft spot for a few shows aimed at smaller kids too...like Sesame Street and Blue's Clues.  They always remind me of snuggling with my babies when they were smaller...plus I've always just thought they were pretty darn cute!

So there you have it.  I like kids TV. 

Hello my name is Stephanie and I watch way too much children's programming.

But I have four kids, so I can get away with it.

For now.


  1. I love kids shows too. Never thought about feeling guilty about it though. If you like them, you like them!


  2.  It's not so much feeling guilty about them when I watch them with the kids....it's when I'm channel surfing alone and I end up watching them anyway LOL 

  3. There is nothing wrong with watching children's television! As an example, I watched Avatar: the Last Airbender. :D (Now, if I could just get to watch/catch up on the Legend of Korra...)

  4. I became a teletubbie fan many years ago and still giggle a bit if I see that sun come up with that adorable giggling baby in the middle of it!  Kids TV is a great escape, I think.  :0

  5. I am guilty of looking up old, I mean REALLY OLD, cartoons from the early 20th century.  Now, those were the real cartoons!

  6.  4 kids????? WOW i didn't know you had 4!! You betchya can get away with it!! hehe i LOVE watching the kids shows with them (grandkids) and i don't do that often enough. When i watched NEMO with them..i cried!! LOVED that show. Never forget i was volunteering once and the kids were shocked i didn't know who was on the balloon they were mortified and said YOU DON'T KNOW WHO SPONGE BOB IS?" now i do. and now i need to watch Drake and Josh :0)..one day..when we have cable again..can you believe i don't have tv? lol BUT i don't have kids home either anymore..ok gonna see if Netflix has it just because i CAN and might have a taco when i watch :0) as always love reading your blogs! MUAH!

  7.  Yep, 4  kids! 15, 10, 9, and 5.  They definitely keep me hopping...well except...when we're watching tv LOL. 

  8.  Yes those cartoons were great too.  My all time favorite cartoon is probably the original Scooby Doo

  9.  Awwww Teletubbies!!  My Bear had a thing for them for a little while!  He and Addy used to say that the smiling baby was their little brother.  I know some people found them highly annoying but I always thought that they were cute.

  10.  I used to watch Avatar with my oldest son! 

  11. I like some kids' shows, too. And kids' movies!! Annie (the Carol Burnett one), Matilda, Charlotte's Web, Nanny McPhee, Up!, all of the Toy Story ones, the list goes on and on...

  12. Now here's something I could acquire ;) 


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