Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pretense (GBE2#53 Topic: Pick a sentence from a book and run with it)

“Because you don’t want me the way that I want you…” she thought.

Everything about every moment she spent with him was wrong.  A wrong and wonderful package all tied up with a fancy red bow.  Flirtatious comments when nobody was paying attention.  Quick kisses when they were sure no one was looking.  Stolen encounters behind closed doors that could set the room ablaze.  

It’s late and she’s seated on the hood of his car.  His hand slides into hers for a moment and her breath catches in her throat.  It feels like high school…like she’s seventeen and her latest crush is about to make the first move.  Only she’s thirty and this move is far from his first.  The move is definitely his strangest though.

He doesn’t usually touch her like that—like he likes her, like she means something to him.  There is never caring in anything that they do, at least not on his side.  She cares.  She’s not thinking of happily ever after but she feels more than she wants to.  She figures it’s just a big crush—the teenage years all over again-- and that eventually it will fade. 

Until then, she’ll keep pushing it down and pretending it isn’t there…so she can keep having moments like this one.  His hand in hers…her head on his shoulder…the conspiratorial gleam in their eyes that tells them both where this moment will eventually lead.  She doesn’t want to give this up.    

Not yet.  

Not now.

She absently tucks her long hair behind her ear as they watch the occasional car pass down the mostly quiet street.  He runs his finger along her face, pausing at her lips and continuing down her neck.  The way he kisses her is soft and sweet.  He runs his fingers over her shoulder and slides the straps of her beaded tank top down.
‘This is so hot’ he whispers.

This—he says.  Not her.  And she is quick to understand the difference.  And she is even quicker to pretend she didn’t hear him.
Pretending makes it easier to hold on to him, what little bit of him she can actually grasp. 

Pretending makes it easier to get lost in the moment.
It makes it easier to hold onto hope that someday he’ll want her the way that she wants him.
Even just a little bit.

This tiny story was inspired from a line in what I figure is one of the worst books I've ever read:  "Fifty Shades of Grey".  I read it to see what all the fuss was about and now I'm grumpy that I wasted my time with it.  So I figured that something good should come from the time I spent reading it.  I hope you all enjoy my cheesy piece of fiction...have a great week everyone! :-)


  1. I enjoyed your "cheesy piece of fiction" a great deal. Not cheesy at all. You captured so well the lies we tell ourselves in order to push back the voice of reason. Well done!

    Fifty Shades of Grey wasn't any good? I've heard such mixed reviews, most saying that they enjoyed the book only when they read all three--that the first alone was awful, but after finishing the trilogy, the first fell into place and as a whole, the package was very good. I have to say, though, that I tend to agree with your perception of things almost all of the time, so if you thought it was bad, chances are I will, too.

    Did you read all three books or just the one?

  2.  For lack of a better word, I thought 'Fifty Shades' was just silly.  I've only read the first one and now I do feel compelled to read the rest of them but I found my self rolling my eyes and saying "seriously???" to myself a whole bunch while I was reading it.  I will keep my mind open to the idea that the entire package might be good as a whole.


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