Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dancing Queen (GBE2 Topic: Dancing)

I decided about a month ago that I needed to get serious about losing some weight.

Not because I'm fat...I mean, of course I am quite a large woman...but I'm pretty darn fabulous all the same.

I am smart enough, however, to realize that all this excess poundage is hurting my health.  My blood pressure is elevated, I'm often tired, and it's quite evident that if one of my kids were to take off on me--well, it's doubtful that I'd catch up to them.

Throughout my life, I've tried about eleventy-seven bajillion different ways to lighten my load--with various degrees of success.  I really don't want to say that this time is different, but it feels different this time.  I feel more committed...more invested in the outcome this time.  After reading Beth's awesome review of the Fit Bit, I splurged and picked one up.  (Her review pretty much says it's a fantastic little gadget and I love, love , love mine.)

Everything was falling into place.  I was tracking what I eat and my activity level.  I had a goal and new found sense of accountability for my actions.  I just needed some form of exercise.

But what?

I hate exercise.  I hate sports.  And anyone who reads my blog regularly already knows how I feel about nature.  I thought about joining a gym, but the idea of my fat behind exercising in public--grunting and sweating among the masses--caused me a great deal of anxiety.  I knew that I needed to do something.  I was not going to burn enough calories by just existing.  My days aren't really all that busy and hey, I sleep for a living. 

I decided to dance.

I've been playing Dance Central.  It is a video game for the Kinect, which is an attachment for the Xbox 360.  The player mirrors the dancer on the screen and tries to emulate the moves as best as they can.  There are varying degrees of difficulty and ways to progress within the game. 

I have no rhythm whatsoever.  I am so NOT a dancer.  Honestly, I have trouble moving my upper and lower extremities at the same time without falling over!  But I was determined.  At first, I was very frustrated.  But Jeff kept encouraging me--telling me that it didn't matter how well I performed at the game as long as I was moving and burning calories.  It's been about a month now and, after considerable practice, I can perform about an hour's worth of dance routines properly. 

More importantly, I'm being physically active and burning calories for an hour everyday.

I'm down about thirteen pounds so far.  My first goal is twenty-three pounds--to make my weight a nice round, even number....and to see if I can actually achieve it.  Then, I'll keep going and create a new goal.

I'm having a lot of fun with this.  Everyday, before the kids get home from school, I throw on my rattiest clothes and hit the dance floor (aka my living room).

I'm sure I look like a total fool.  But I really don't care.

Because for that hour, I'm a dancing queen.


  1. I've been dancing, too.  I love to dance, though I guarantee I look like a big goon when I dance. I dance with the kiddos every day--it's good for them and good for both my happiness level and my oversized hiney.

    I LOVE that you're loving the Fitbit as much as I am!!!

  2. I can't do an hour yet, but I just started 4 days ago!  I'm doing 10 minutes this week and hoping for 15 next two weeks and so on, until I reach 30 minutes non-stop groovin' 5 days a week.

    Good for you!  ♥

  3. It's been a slow and steady climb to being able to do an hour.  I was so sore at first!!  But I just keep on trying :-)

  4. Oh I do love it.  I feel more motivated to get things done and get moving.  I like getting the little badges and the leaves on my flower.  Makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something!

  5. Angela Parson MyersApril 7, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    Wonderful that you've found a way to exercise that you enjoy and you're losing weight. It's a horrible mistake to fail to take those extra pounds seriously, esp. when they come from lack of exercise and bad food choices. Good for you for taking control.

  6. I'm good for 2 sets of 10 minutes each.  Not bad for a senior citizen!  I was a dancing fool in my youth.  It feels wonderful to dance again. I only have one problem and that is my knees.  After another serious fall last month, I have now managed to injure both knees.  So, my knees aren't what they used to be...


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