Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Walk In The Woods (GBE2 #47 Topic: Home)

It's spring break and we've been trying to get the kids out of the house.  I've been forfeiting my "dance" workout and heading out to the park instead.  While Jeff plays a few holes of disc golf and the kids play on the playground, I've been donning my headphones and doing my version of a power-walk around the perimeter of the park.

I even got ten leaves on my fitbit flower the other day.  It's been a nice change of pace.

The park is small and quiet...almost no one goes there.  It's a gem in our community that isn't utilized to it's fullest potential.  There are trails that can be hiked...a creek for swimming...the possibilities are endless.

Today, Bear was sad.  I found him sitting with his dad.  He said he was sad and didn't know why.  I had a hunch....but I didn't want to push him.  I did what any nature-hating mom should do in these circumstances.

I agreed to a one on one hike...IN THE WOODS...just mommy and Bear. 

I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this, but I thought it was just what he needed.  And, sure enough, as soon as we started walking, Bear started talking.  We covered why he was sad and quickly moved on to other topics.

He's quite the chatty boy.

Look Mommy, tires!  Why are there tires in the woods?  Hey!  That looks like scrap metal over there!  Do you think it's an oven?  Or maybe it's a time capsule...wouldn't that be really cool??  Remember that time we went geocaching in this park?  We never did find that cache.  Maybe we should look again.  Are you happy that I'll be going to a new school in the fall.  I can't wait to torture Nathan just by riding the same school bus.  Are these OUR footprints?  Or...maybe they are ninja footprints!  Yeah!  That's it!!  Maybe there are chuck-wearing girl ninjas out here running around.  Do you think it's weird that I can do different voices?  (Then did his very best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and his other voice that sounds like Gloamer from the old Punky Brewster cartoon.  Anyone besides me remember that?)

We came to the creek.  It wasn't the swimming area, but rather a portion that was extremely shallow.  A rickety bridge connected the two banks...although it looked entirely possible to cross the creek by walking across the rocks that lined it's bottom.  I was unsure and a little afraid....but Bear quickly crossed the bridge and taunted me from the other side.

Come on Mommy!  You can walk across the rocks.  It'll be easy.  I was brave and took the bridge but you don't have to.  Really Mommy, just cross the rocks.  I bet you don't even get wet.  I'll make it worth your while....

Oh yeah?  How so, little boy?

By giving you a big hug and kiss! could I refuse an offer like that?

Tentatively, I crossed the rocks.  My feet slipped into the water a few times but the important thing is that I made it. 

As he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek, I was swept up by just how much I love this little much I love all my children.

If home is where the heart is...then my home was in the woods today.


  1. Beautiful! I love your kind heart and the way you can pour it out on paper.

    Oh, and ten leaves is GREAT. I've gotten ten on a number of occasions, but I've yet to see eleven, though I REALLY want to!!!!

  2. Thanks for the walk :)


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