Friday, March 23, 2012

Twelve Moments (GBE #44: Make A List and Title it)

1. I got to sleep until 8:37 today.  For me, that is the equivalent of someone else sleeping until noon.

2. The seeds that Jeff, the kids and I planted are starting to sprout. 

3. Mathias is missing his two front teeth and, when he smiles, he kind of looks like a vampire.

4. Addy wrote a joke of the day on my white board (something that I have been doing) What does a student write to math?  Dear Math, I am not a therapist.  Go solve your own problems.

5. My new haircut looks really good!

6. The weather was not too hot...not too cold.  Just perfect.

7. My very good friend from school passed her boards and is now, officially, a nurse.

8. Jeff told me I looked sexy.

9. We went grocery shopping and now have a house fully stocked with food.

10. My newly adopted cat, Big Mama, ambled her big 'ol behind out onto the balcony to sunbathe.  She looked like she's been living here for years.

11. Bear and Mathias playing together nicely while I write this list.  I have extremely adorable boys who are both mighty passionate about legos.

12. Nathan voluntarily walked up to me, gave me a hug and told me that he loved me.

Title:  Twelve Moments from Today That Brought Me Joy


  1. sounds like nice things are happening in your world. :D

  2. I love those 12 moments! You're a lucky girl.  ♥
    I'm a bit partial to #12!

  3. No 4 was hilarious :)

  4. I thought so too!  I've been writing inspirational messages and jokes of the day on our white board for the past week or so.  Addy found the website that I've been getting the jokes from and wrote that up on the board.  It was the best joke so far!

  5. I'm a bit partial to number twelve too.  I saved the best one for last.  Problem one saw it happen, so no one believes me and Nathan has been away all weekend and can't back me up :-)

  6. Yes!  Today was a good day :-)

  7. What a fabulous list! Love #4 and REALLY love that you made a list of stuff that brought you joy! 


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