Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Perfectly Imperfect First Love (GBE2 #5)

I had a whole blog written.  But blogger decided to eat it for a late night snack.  So this is the lazy girl's version of that blog :)

My first love?  Simple.  It's my family.

No matter how loud we get.

No matter how silly.


No matter how mad we get.

No matter how much we fight.

 They are the most absolute perfectly perfect aspect of my life.

I could have the worst day ever and I know that once I come home...I can find peace amidst all the chaos.

(My Bear)

 I know that there isn't much that a hug or a snuggle from them can't fix.

(My zombie princess...this wasn't Halloween...just a random Tuesday LOL)

It's the only place where each one of us is totally accepted for who we truly are....no matter how scary that might be :)

(Nathan trying to scare Addy and their cousin)
 I grumble and complain about how much they drive me crazy but the truth is.....

 There is no place I would rather be.

I never really knew love until this family was complete.


  1. Our family rocks!!!! Love you all

  2. I love this because it is so real. I know most of us have the same lives and we would not trade it for anything. Great blog.


  3. This is so great. Wow can I relate to this. Chaos can be blissful.

    Great write


  4. Great post. Nothing lazy about it. You posted a lot of great photos.


  5. A wonderful post with great pics!

  6. Brilliant post and I adored the pictures. Lovely to put a face to Bear after last weeks post *hugs*

  7. Aw, that is sweet.

  8. Great pics! I love your daughter's zombie make-up. :)

  9. @Jeff Our family does indeed rock! We all love you too!

    @Linda I know I wouldn't trade them for anything...not even tacos or toast :P

    @Laura Sometimes the chaos is just...well...chaos but most of them time it's bliss :)

    @Claudia and Joyce Thanks so much! I tried to pick the most random photos that I could.

    @Mojo After Blogger ate my comments, It occurred to me that some people might like to put a face to Bear's name...that's what 'inspired' me to add the photos the second time around. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @D Ana Thanks!!

    @ResidentGamer She did it ALL herself. She is definitely following in my footsteps with an interest (okay...maybe obsession) with makeup. She can often be found at my vanity making some sort of transformation :)

  10. Great pictures!! Family is definitely everything to a lot of us. I have to say...I LOVE your Zombie pic...totally cool!

    Thanks for sharing!! Jenn

  11. Great pictures and sentiment! Sorry that blogger decided to have a snack with the original post, but this one seems just right! :)

  12. I'm all teary now. This was wonderful, YOU are wonderful.

  13. love this!!!



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