Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Dogs Allowed (GBE2 #62 Topic: Breathless)

"Do you think we should get a dog?" 

It was October of 2005.  Jeff and I were out celebrating our fifth anniversary of being a couple.  It was one of those rare moments where we were lucky to have gotten a sitter and he asked me this question as we drove to the mall in the pouring rain.

"No!!" was my emphatic reply.  "If I want to take care of something, love it, feed it, and teach it to use the bathroom...I'd much rather have another baby!!"
Jeff looked over at me and stated "We can do that if you want...I'd have another baby"
I questioned his seriousness at first, but quickly came to the conclusion that he was up for the challenge if I was.
Exactly one month later, I held a positive pregnancy test in my hands.


and.....nine months later, Mathias Xavier was born.

....and our family became complete.

Recently he said to me "How dare you be happy before I was born!!"

My answer was simply this:  "I only thought that I was happy...I didn't know true happiness until you came into my life."

This is my youngest.  My last baby.  My Babbers.  Tomorrow, he turns six years old.

Happy birthday Mathias....I'm proud to be your mom....every day I find a moment that takes my breath away.

I'm so glad we didn't get a dog!


  1. LOL...I chose another dog!  Great story.

  2. I think you should still get a dog. They do wonders for children. In fact, newest studies have shown that kids who grow up with dogs are healthier. Go get your kids a pooch!

  3. Loved your blog and Mathias is a cutie. My baby was a surprise and I can't imagine my life without him! 

    Joyce is right, dogs and kids go hand in hand. THey're lots of fun! :0)

  4. Happy Birthday to the complete family.


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