Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Harshest Critic (GBE2 #19--Judgement)

I am far from a perfect person.

I never claimed to be.

My flaws are many

many, many indeed.

I'm vain and selfish.

I procrastinate.

I'm sloppy and disorganized.

I tend to overeat.

I'm not completely happy

without something to complain about

my jawline is crooked

when you look at my pout

my cheeks are too pink

my feet are too big

I have crows feet and stretch marks

from momming four kids

I sing really badly

I snort and I snore

when I blow my nose...

It sounds like a fog horn

I'm nosy and irrational

overemotional is me

there has never been a decision

I could make--easily

I want what I want

and I fuss when denied

I constantly compare myself 

to every girl that walks by

I'm my worst enemy

It's a voice I can't shush

Any judgements you have

you can leave on the shelf

Whatever you're thinking

I'm sure has been said

by that tiny voice


in my head


  1. Isn't that the truth?? I am also my own worst critic and judge. There are times when I would just like to kick the crap out of that voice in my head, because it sure is persistent. Wonderful post as always. I always love your take on things!


  2. Excellent, excellent, excellent! You have long been and remain one of my favorite flawed, yet practically perfect people.

  3. This is awesome and awesomely done! You are so cute and of course, who is harder on us than we are! Love it and love you!

  4. I am so new here. BUT, YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND. How can you be all of us? THANKS

  5. Thank you guys!!! I've been struggling with this topic all week. And I've been being rather harsh on myself lately. My original idea was much darker but I just went with the flow and it didn't end up going to such a dark place and I'm glad :)

  6. That's just plain adorable and well said. Here here! :D


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