Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Balancing Act (30 Days of Truth Challenge--Day 5)

Day 5 asks What is something in life that keeps you balanced?

Ha!  Balance?  I'm not sure I know the meaning of that word.

But...when things get a little crazy in my life and I'm feelings out of sorts or out of control, there are some things that I rely on to make things feel a wee bit saner.

1.  My Husband (He's very good at letting me vent and taking whatever crap I'm dishing out!)
2.  A Hot Bath (I turn off the lights, play some music and escape from the world for a while)
3.  Coffee (Usually a nice way to unwind.  A conversation over coffee is always nice.)
4.  A Good Book (Or a terrible one...letting my mind wander in another world can make this world seem right again)
5.  Quality Time at My Makeup Desk (When I feel beautiful...everything else just feels better)

What are some things that you do to keep life in balance? 


  1. I love the simple things that help you feel balanced. I don't think I look good in make up... but I agree with the rest of your ideas! :)

  2. I'm with you on the coffee and the book! I like your reasoning for your husband and I never gave that a thought, so I'd have to say my guy friend fills that role well. But, I also like laying on the couch and watching paranormal shows. They fascinate me, although I don't always agree with their results. I can calm down while I'm watching them.

    Another 30 Days of Truth blogger.


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